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About Accent Skin Tightening:

If you would like to improve the overall look of your ageing skin, then Accent is the treatment for you. The Accent Skin Tightening machinery rejoices the skin’s elasticity, and has the capability of breaking down any unwanted cellulite fat, giving the skin a much tighter, smoother appearance. Both of the treatments are anti-aging and work effectively if you want non-surgical alternatives for skin tightening and body contouring.

As we all go through the unavoidable ageing process, we notice that our skin loses volume, and starts to become looser as it has less collagen and fat tissues behind it keeping it taught. Only in recent years have we found technology that is able to perform the same as injectable and surgical treatments to improve skin’s elasticity, and Accent is one of the industry’s leading machines. With majority of us living busy lifestyles, we can’t always fit the downtime (or cost) of invasive plastic surgery procedures into our schedules, so, Accent is usually the perfect alternative.

During the procedure, the Accent XL system is used to precisely heat the tissue just within your skin’s inner layer; for body contouring, the subcutaneous fat layer. Following each treatment, you can immediately resume all routine activities. This procedure is also pain-free as most patients often describe the sensation as a warm massage.

Using the Accent XL hand-piece, we can gently and harmlessly heat your skin cells to create tiny micro-injuries deep within the dermis that stimulate fresh collagen production. Very similar to what Derma-Pen is capable of doing, creating the superficial injuries that induce the healing process to the skin where our skin produces collagen to heal any wounds quicker without actually creating any wounds or damage to your skin.

As the collagen grows, it will help your skin to become thicker, smoother and tighter. Accent XL for cellulite works by breaking down the stubborn fat cells so that they can be naturally disposed of by your body through the lymphatic drainage system to give the areas affected by cellulite a much smoother and more toned appearance.

The procedure usually takes between 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of the area that you are having treated. Visible results continue to progress over subsequent months. However we do recommend keeping up the treatments to keep the results as we continue to age.

Accent XL is a radio-frequency treatment that utilizes controlled heat therapy to tighten skin on the face and body. Accent XL heats your skins inner layer (the dermis) and deep fat. The heat delivered breaks up the connective tissue and fat cells that cause bumpy cellulite, and promotes new collagen production – which stimulates skin to plump up. This treatment reduces the look and feel of dimply skin.

Body contouring is the perfect way to target problem areas of loose skin, fat and cellulite. Accent XL treats loose skin and fat deposits. Most body contouring products only focus on contouring, not on tightening. We can achieve true body contouring and remodelling of fat through the use of selective heat and collagen production by Accent XL.

This skin smoothing, body contouring treatment can be used on most areas of the body; stomach, back, thighs, buttocks, face and neck, and upper arms. It is completely safe and has been used to improve the skin of patients worldwide, safely and successfully.

This treatment does not require incisions or injections. Prior treatment, a cold gel is applied to the target area. The NIR hand piece is then passed over the treatment area in a sweeping motion. The NIR hand-piece delivers uniform energy distribution that produces dramatic, yet comfortable deep dermal heating without damage to the epidermis.

Its infrared technology heats the tissue deep below the skins surface (the dermis), causing collagen fibres to contract and tighten, and stimulates the formation of new collagen; further enhancing the tightening effect and helping to bolster the skin against future ageing.

Patients report little or no pain with pulsed light treatment. The procedure usually takes between 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of the area that you are having treated. Laser skin tightening patients immediately begin to notice smoother, softer skin and a more youthful appearance and visible results continue to progress over subsequent months.

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Procedure Time

30 minutes estimated

Back to Work




Full Recovery

Est.  48 Hours

Sensitivity Period

24 Hours estimated



Duration of results

Results from course will need to be maintained every 6-8 weeks

Risks and Complications

Slight redness can last up to 24 hours

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