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Sweating is a normal and necessary function our body goes through to cool us down when we our body temperature starts to rise. Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, however is not normal, and can be quite distressing to those who suffer from this condition.

There is not a particular type of person that is more prone to this condition. It is dependent on your hormones, and the size of your sweat glands. The most common places in which this condition occurs is the underarms, however it can happen anywhere on the body, and face.

Hyperhidrosis is sadly, not a temporary condition and it can severely impact the daily life of people who suffer from it, as they can easily be triggered with excessive sweating in low temperature conditions, leaving them embarrassed.

We use Botulinum Toxin A, also known as Botox injections to treat this condition by injecting it into the underarm, or area where you excessively sweat. This permanently blocks nerve endings so that no further sweat can be produced from the sweat glands up until the Botox breaks down and wears off. Excessive underarm / armpit sweating is then stopped for approximately 5-8 months. After this time the treatment can be repeated as you may experience the sweating returning.

This treatment is performed by our Senior Nurse, Debbie Mills, who will give you a free consultation before the treatment. The consultation helps to determine where sweating occurs at its worst and to ensure that you have no health problems that Botox may interfere with.

We do not currently treat excessive sweating in the hands or feet, as this provides too many risks.

The Botox injection itself is relatively quick and painless. Firstly, the skin area will be cleaned to avoid infection. Then the Botox will be injected with a very fine needle, with each armpit administered around fifteen injections. You can resume normal activities immediately.

The procedure will take 30 to 45 minutes on average.

Within 6-12 weeks, your body starts to produce new nerve endings. These new endings can receive the message to turn those particular sweat glands on, so mild sweating returns. Within 5-8 months, all of the new nerve endings have been produced and the chemical message can be received, turning all of the sweat glands on again. Sweating returns to normal and the treatment has finished.

The method we use for this treatment provides longer-lasting results than topical treatments, without the necessity of invasive surgical procedures.

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Procedure Time

30 minutes estimate

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48 Hours estimated

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4-6 months

Risks and Complications

Asymmetry, bruises and swelling

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