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According to the British Association of Dermatologists, 33.3% of the population that undergo tattoo procedures/body art end up their regretting their choice. A lot of the time it is men that regret their larger scale inking’s, however women do tend to regret their tattoos too as for special occasions they can interfere and not portray an authentic image of one’s true self that they wish to portray.

If you are someone who is really displeased with your tattoos, the Picosure machine (Featured on Channel 4 ‘Tattoo Fixers’) is definitely the tattoo machine for you as it one of the most effective machinery out there. It is nothing like previous tattoo removal machines – that were traditionally Q-Switched, with nanosecond (one billionth of a second) pulse durations. However, clinical research has found that the PicoSure laser with picosecond (one trillionth of a second in length) pulse durations can get rid of unwanted tattoos faster than ever before.

Before we speak of the technicalities behind the Picosure Tattoo Removal process, here it is broken down and simplified.

PicoSure is an FDA-approved technology that uses incredibly short laser pulses (one trillionth of a second in length), to target the ink particle beneath the skin with such an immense amount of pressure, that the pigment shatters into minuscule dust-like particles. These are then absorbed by the immune system and eliminated by the body through the lymphatic drainage system.

Compared to traditional lasers using nanosecond technology, PicoSure is officially the most effective, and quickest, course of treatment to achieve a completely “clean canvas” result.

The “Complicated” Breakdown

Today, PicoSure lasers are considered by professionals to be the highest standard for the removal of tattoos (the pigment of the tattoo in picosecond pulses). The PicoSure is an “Alexandrite Laser”, which means it can produce a specific light wavelength within the infrared spectrum of 755nm.

The PicoSure laser utilises shorter wavelengths known as Pressure WaveTM, which penetrate less than longer wavelength in your bodily tissue that has been pigmented with tattoo ink. This creates an effect that allows for the absorption of the laser’s radiation which generates sound, produced when extremely intense laser pulses of around 100 million W/cmare delivered in very short amount of time (within billionths of a second). These pulses promote high temperatures that then break down the particles in tattoo ink.

The water within the cells of the treated area that contain the tattoo pigments reach boiling temperatures and rapidly explode, allowing the particles to breakdown (into dust size particles) and seep into the deeper layers of the skin. Once the pigments are broken down, they can be consumed by the local lymphatic system, which allows them to be eliminated through a trans-epidermal extrusion, essentially meaning you dispose of them through urinating.

This method can approximately remove a tattoo in for 6 treatments, but in the case that this takes more than 6 treatments, the rest will be FREE. Another massive advantage is time, instead of having 10 – 15 treatments to remove a tattoo the standard way you will only have to have 6, making this a lot faster than the conventional way.



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Aesthetics Of Rayleigh
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by Leanne on Aesthetics Of Rayleigh

I had spent the last two years searching for laser tattoo removal, I came across Aesthetics of Essex, they got in touch within hours to book me in for my consultation with Steph. Steph was so lovely and friendly from the beginning to the end of the consultation. I decided to book in for a course of laser tattoo removal as I knew I would be in the best hands. I can’t honestly say how extremely happy I am with the results, no scarring, no horrible marks left behind. Professional and friendly service from start to finish.

I decided to go back for a consultation for laser hair removal, after struggling with waxing and endless mornings shaving. The initial consultation with Steph was amazing and so thorough of what the process was and how the machine worked. I decided to book in, I am now 3 treatments in to my laser hair removal and I am simply blown away with the change of hair growth and how quickly it has happened, I love love love the results. Pain free hair removal I never thought I would say that, I have gone from shaving every day to once a month if I need to. Honestly can’t thank Steph and the rest of the team at Aesthetics of Essex enough. Such a nice friendly welcoming atmosphere.

I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone that is looking for an amazing service with amazing results.

by Emma Bishop on Aesthetics Of Rayleigh

Roxy is brilliant! She has been doing my laser tattoo removal and actually persuaded me to complete the course after the 1st session (it hurt more than I thought and I didn’t want to go back!). I had already paid for the course so it didn’t benefit her or the business if I went back or not. All the ladies I have come across here are all very friendly and professional. I'm considering other treatments here once my tattoo has gone. 5/5 from me!

*Review provided by sister company Aesthetics of Essex


Procedure Time

Varies from 5 minutes to 60 minutes

Back to Work

Same day/Next day


None, topical if required

Full Recovery


Sensitivity Period

14 days – estimated


Long term, tattoo gone

Duration of results


Risks and Complications

Redness, bleeding, irritation, itchiness

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