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What is Lipomed?

A ground-breaking 4 – 1 Body contouring solution


Face and body contouring comes to Aesthetics of Essex/ Rayleigh. With high intensity (100KHz), we can achieve great results in minimal time with zero down time! Within one 20 minute session fat cells are broken down and the skin in the area tightened to achieve up to a 4 inch loss!

Cavitation – break down the fat! Cavitation uses Ultrasound to disrupt the fat cell membrane turning the fat cell into a fatty acid. The fatty acid liquid is used as an energy source and the rest of the fatty acid that is insoluble is transported to the liver to be processed.


Radiofrequency – tightens the skin! Heating the area to 40 – 45 degrees stimulation fibre contractions within the connective tissue that creates collagen and elastin.


LED – Rejuvenates the skin! LED light speeds up cell production making the skin turn over stronger and faster resulting in fresher looking skin in the area.


Vaccum – Lymphatic drainage! A suction is applied to the skin which causes lift and stimulation to the underlying tissue structure. Vaccuum suction is aimed at improving blood flow to the area and kick starting your lympatic drainage which in turn flushes out toxins in the area.

During consultation, you will be asked to fill out our specially designed consultation form. This will help our practitioners to determine your exact needs.

It is of up-most importance to us that you feel comfortable during your consultation and treatments so we will get to know you, your routine and your goals before we decide whether this is the correct treatment for you!


Before each treatment, we will take photos and measure you.

During the treatment, the applicator will be placed onto the area of concern and gently pressed down and moved around. It does not hurt, infact most people find it relaxing! The most you feel is suction and slight vibrations. Each treatment is 20 minutes long (you can have a double session of 40 minutes if the area of concern needs this, this will be discussed at consultation.)

After your treatment, we will take photos and measure you again. There if no downtime, but obviously we would recommend that you try to maintain a reasonably health lifestyle.

We can help with, Instant Inch-Loss, Cellulite Reduction, Skin Tightening, Facial Lifting, Breast Lifting, Buttock Lifting.

We can treat, Stomach, Flanks, Thighs, Buttocks (lifting), Arms, Chin, Breast (lifting).

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Pay Per Session

Package of 6 20 minute sessions

£300 (Special offer)

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Please call us on 01702 831 200 to find out.

Procedure Time

20 Minutes estimated

Back to Work



Not required

Full Recovery


Sensitivity Period




Duration of results

Long term if you follow our advice

Risks and Complications

Mild bruising worse case scenario




If you would like to book an appointment or simply chat about your procedure with one of our trained advisors, enter your details below and we’ll give you a call to help you further. Alternatively you can call us direct on:


01702 831200

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