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There is no shortage of wrinkle treatments, each designed to give you a refreshed, younger look. Some are very similar, and others work in specific areas. Sculptra is unique among them because it works with your body to produce natural results.

What is Sculptra for?

Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable collagen stimulant, which is designed to fill wrinkles and reduce hollow, sunken cheeks. The treatment increases your body’s natural production of collagen, which we lose every year from the age of 20 by one percent, so this treatment is key for tightening skin. The effect of Sculptra will increase over time, meaning, although your results may not be immediate, you’ll see the results become more apparent over the next few months.

How do I choose a provider?

Like with any cosmetic procedure, experience and skill matter when deciding who to choose as your Sculptra provider. One factor to picking a provider is actually knowing who will do the injections. At Aesthetics of Essex, Rayleigh, our Sculptra treatment is performed by our senior nurse and injector, Debbie Mills, with over twenty years of experience in injecting.


When will I see results?

The impact of Sculptra is a gradual process. The results should continue to improve over time as the treatment helps your body produce natural collagen. It will likely take a few weeks, and even a few months, for the impact to be seen.

Is Sculptra worth it?

It is a commitment. For the best results, you might need to undergo multiple treatments. You will also need to keep up with follow-up treatments, as over time the product – just like normal fillers, will break down and dissolve. You may love the results, but even in a best-case scenario, they will probably only last for two to three years. At that point additional treatments will be required to maintain your look. For some, a face lift might be a better option. For others, Sculptra is just the treatment they need and the commitment to maintain the results over time isn’t an issue.

What is it like to get the treatment?

Getting a Sculptra treatment is relatively simple, and not unlike any other injectable treatment. Although after treatment, you may experience some mild bruising, patients can typically return to normal life as soon as they walk out of the practitioner’s office.

Are pain, swelling, and bruising a possibility?

Many practitioners will use a local anaesthetic prior to the treatment to help limit or eliminate pain and discomfort. At Aesthetics of Essex, Rayleigh, we will always apply a local anaesthetic to the area you wish to treat before your appointment, so you won’t be hypersensitive to the treatment, however mild discomfort is normal as we are using a needle to inject the product into the area. You’re likely to experience some bruising from the injection. However, it should fade quickly.

How can I reduce recovery time?

There shouldn’t be much recovery time from Sculptra. If you have ever had any type of filler before, then the aftercare and recovery process is very similar, so you may experience mild swelling, bruising, perhaps some lumps, until the product settles and the swelling subsides. However, there are some things you can do to make this process a lot easier, we don’t recommend taking anti-histamines prior to the treatment, however we do recommend taking Arnica tablets/capsules prior to treatment, while continuing to take them afterwards while applying Arnica cream on any bruising.

If you are taking any prescription medication before your Sculptra treatment, you must let the practitioner know beforehand, perhaps in the consultation.



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Procedure Time

30 minutes

Back to Work

Same day


Not required

Full Recovery

Subjective to patient

Sensitivity Period

24-48 hours


Immediately visible

Duration of results

18-24 months

Risks and Complications

Bruising, swelling




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