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ThermaVein is a treatment that will cauterise any red facial veins, these are also known as thread veins, if you suffer from red pigmentation a lot of the time this can be present as there is a significant blood flow to the area, making it red due to it being vascular based pigmentation. This treatment has been spoken and documented on numerous occasions by the mainstream media, and is highly recommended by the highest healthcare professionals, even television’s, Dr Hilary Jones.

Skin pigmentation and broken blood vessels that appear on the face are known as thread veins. We are prone to get thread veins, or broken blood vessels, as we are exposed to UV Rays from the Sun, especially when unprotected (with no SPF) – as so many do… However sometimes they are unavoidable as they are part of ageing process, or can be hereditary. Nonetheless, we can quite easily treat them with ThermaVein.

ThermaVein is an instant, safe and considered a permanent removal treatment to remove red and purple thread veins, spider veins and pigmentation from the skin.

Although at Aesthetics of Essex, Rayleigh, we have found in our experience, regardless of practitioner, the ThermaVein treatment is not so much “permanent” but more a long-term fix for your veins and pigmentation, essentially the treatment cauterises the blood flow to the areas that are closer to the skins surface making the red/purple pigmentation show and this remains cauterised, without any kind of pigment for 1-2 years, and you may need the occasional top-up on the treatment.

We believe being honest with our clients is important, so we would like this information to be known prior to treatment.

ThermaVein is a different approach to alternative vein treatments, such as laser vein removal. While lasers present the possible risk of bruising, scarring and pigmentation (and the possible need for multiple treatments), ThermaVein offers immediate and consistent results with no known side effects.

As the area heals, a few hours after treatment, the area may be inflamed, and this inflammation and warmth should last no longer than 12-24 hours, the area will go white, then after you have passed the inflammation stage of the healing process, the treated area shall then lightly scab over, and once your scabbing has fallen off you’re left with your even skin tone. If some areas aren’t even yet, please call us to inform us so we can fix this for you.

The treatment for face veins is a simple and accurate procedure. The Thermocoagulation process is administered to each vein individually using a fine skin probe.

ThermaVein delivers a tiny microwave current which travels 1.5mm into the treatment area. By exposing a pigmented lesion to a short light pulse, the temperature of the skin is raised enough to breakdown the cells. The technique causes the vein to close and then the current causes it to instantly disappear.

This treatment can also be used on thread veins that occur on the body.

It’s an effective treatment for thread vein and spider veins on the legs, chest and can treat anywhere on the body.

A typical treatment should only usually take around 15-20 minutes. The patient will see an immediate improvement in their condition.

Blood spot removal results

Cheek vein removal results

Nose vein removal results

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Therma Website Video from d-room on Vimeo.

The video had been provided to us courtesy of our sister clinic Aesthetics of Essex, Upminster


Procedure Time

5-30 Minutes estimated

Back to Work

24 Hours estimated



Full Recovery

24 Hours estimated

Sensitivity Period

2-4 Hours estimated


Immediately Visible

Duration of results

1 Year

Risks and Complications

Light marks, similar to cat scratches, in the treated area as well as redness

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